Anne Rice confirmed- Cheltenham Literature Fest.11

Posted Sep 24, 2011. Filed under Rice, Anne, Marius de Romanus (The Vampire Chronicles).

Thanks to Emma Jedrejak of Random House UK for alerting me to this. Anne Rice has been booked for the Times Cheltenham Literature Festival 2011, which will take place from October 7 to the 11th. You can go and book tickets now.

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Layout and Codes: Mark Ryden

Posted Jun 7, 2011. Filed under .

It took me long enough, right? This fanlisting had gone with no codes and no layout for months and months while I finished up the arduous horror that is graduate school (master’s degree in history, whoot). But now that graduate school is over I was able to sit down, make some codes, and finally get up a real layout. Maybe now I can get some members.
- Mark Ryden

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Anne annouces her choice for Marius…

Posted Nov 21, 2010. Filed under Marius de Romanus (The Vampire Chronicles).

Over at Anne Rice’s Facebook fanpage, she announced who she would like to play Marius (in her dreams) if a Lestat movie were being cast:

If I were casting a Vampire Lestat film tonight, which I’m not of course, except in my dreams, I would definitely woo Matthew MacFadyen to play Marius. That’s the face, the voice, the gravitas, for Marius. (Direct Link)

For anyone who does not recognize that name, he played Prior Phillip in the STARZ adaptation of The Pillars of the Earth, and he was also on Spooks (MI-5).
- Marius de Romanus: Vampire Chronicles, The

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Finished: Spartacus

Posted Jun 3, 2010. Filed under Spartacus: Blood and Sand.

It took me forever to get this one done due to a hectic graduate school schedule, but I somehow managed. So I would welcome everyone to join the Spartacus: Blood and Sand fanlisting. Hopefully I will soon be able to add some stuff about the TV show, as well as some more historical stuff about Spartacus and his revolt. Let’s get my Roman sources ready!
- Spartacus: Blood and Sand

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Finished: True Blood

Posted Oct 4, 2009. Filed under True Blood.

That’s right! Sarah has allowed me to adopt the True Blood fanlisting. That is awesome to the max and you know it. I haven’t been this happy in ages.
- True Blood

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